Who can it possibly be?

Roads emerge because we walk them.

Please continue until I tell you to stop.

I don't have time to do it.


Have you read your mail yet?

Yoshio helped me lift the box up.

He killed time in a coffee shop watching girls pass by.


I enlisted voluntarily.


A teacher should never make fun of a student who makes a mistake.

I was making a cake.

Two traits of Americans are generosity and energy.

The boat sank to the bottom.

Ronni spoke in French at the meeting.


What the hell are you doing in here?

Del didn't read the book his teacher had told him to read.

Did you get to meet them?


I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me.

Tobias is uncultured, isn't he?

Instead of listening in class, I'm translating sentences.

We prayed that our children would forgive us.

I'm not the only one who can't stand the way Carlo sings.

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Tracey lives in a one-bedroom apartment near the train station.

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That doesn't count.


Randy said you were angry.

The ditch is ten feet long.

I wouldn't recommend it for everyone.

Archie, we're trapped!

I love sport.


We'll start tomorrow morning.

You're a good kid, Hartmann.

Why are you always complaining?

You're domineering.

The tax bill was passed yesterday.


I'm going to put my foot down.


Yesterday we walked to school but later rode the bus home.


At first, I couldn't understand what he said.

Her kindness has become a burden to me.

Jayant doesn't think about others.

You'd better get some rest.

Laws catch flies but let hornets go free.


You're back late. What have you been up to?


Liz asked Douglas who her French teacher was.

My keys are gone.

Can you stall Paola till I get there?

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I'll go let Konrad know.


We have been good friends for ten years.

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Also, there is a greater risk of accidents.

Ima is very hungry.

Claude wouldn't cooperate.

Even the sky conspires against us.

Dan was carrying a bag containing half a million dollars.


Let Nelken answer.


What he said was far from true.


That's not what I just heard.

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Today is my little brother's twenty-second birthday.

You can't kill someone that's already dead.

The cherry trees are getting ready to bloom.

My mother acquired her knowledge of English in the United States.

There are English sentences here that sound like they're from the 1950's.

I didn't bring this topic up with her.

You wanna fight?

Keith didn't enter the building.

He found out the answers for himself.

Trains come more often than buses.

Kiss him for me.

He had been booted out of school.

Did you come here alone?

He went red in the face with rage.

They cry out against the new tax.

Crime rates have gone down significantly over the past decade.

Shut the book.

I want to stress this point.

That doesn't make a lot of sense.

Who are you going to vote for?

He believes in the existence of ghosts.


Where would you like to go this afternoon?


I was really drunk last night.

Here's the letter from them.

He stole my purse from me.


The bride looked very beautiful.

The lioness finally gave chase to the gazelle.

Don't disturb us.

The terrible scene made him tremble in fear.

Sanand doesn't know who she should ask.

And the truth is elusive because it knows where to hide.

Chris is drinking milk.

Vernon stormed off.

She is studying fine art at school.

The same thing happened three years ago in Boston.

My guess is that it will rain soon.


Learning foreign languages is boring.

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Spying on gangsters was a dangerous venture.


They were accused of supplying arms to terrorists.

We are astonished at the shot.

A sure method to be rich is to be born rich.


You really don't want to do this.


I got shot three times.

Four multiplied by two is eight.

Mayo won't talk about that.

Let's dine out for a change.

The hotel was once a restaurant.


Who was responsible?

You gave me too much.

Are you English?


If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it.

If anybody can beat Nichael, it's you.

You know your old once students less and less choose you as their mentor.

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This yarn will give the garment a softer texture.

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I'm going to tell him that.

They're out to get you.

They need to answer the question.

Don't let Sehyo get to you.

I don't understand why Gail brought you here.


The teacher has the text read aloud.

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I learned about the new book by the advertisement in the magazine.

Three pedestrians were victims of an accident.

I won't be able to meet you tomorrow because something unexpected has come up.

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I'm surprised by the similarities between French and Italian in some cases.

Lois has just walked into the room.

"Look! Thanks to you I'm getting dumped all the time." "Oh? Isn't it just because of your everyday behaviour?"

Local industry flourished throughout the land in the Edo period thanks to the promotional efforts by each clan.

He was taught English by a non-native English teacher.

That store supplies us with coffee.

Who is this for?

He knows the art of making friends.

A mathematician is a man who not only understands the idea put forth before him, but who sees as well the error in its foundations.

He wants to know how he can lose weight safely.

I've been to Italy on a study abroad program.

Do me a favor and talk to Marilyn.

That's more than I can handle alone.

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What songs would be on your list?


The poor duckling was driven about by every one; even his brothers and sisters were unkind to him, and would say, "Ah, you ugly creature, I wish the cat would get you," and his mother said she wished he had never been born.

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I've just been punished.

It's all really quite simple.

I've always been attracted to older women.

Earle will never be able to do that without our help.

Kazuko really takes after her sister.

Marriage is the main cause of divorce.

I taught you better than that.

I'm not leaving Johnathan behind.

The discrepancy between the stories of the two parties involved in the accident was so great that the authorities had a hard time deciding which side was telling the truth.

You said you wanted more responsibility.

I could help them.

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I've always found this song to be so haunting.


Are you healthy?

What did you do with all that stuff you had in the garage?

Rex is grouse hunting.

Maybe Lorien doesn't have children.

We have space for two beds.

Jennifer may change his mind in a couple of weeks.

I didn't know you were related.

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May I leave a message?

You won't regret doing this.

I know that she knows.


I was hoping Lawrence would come here today.


I've never seen her before in my life.